Win with new LED lighting

Win with new LED lighting

A large number of halls and other sports facilities across the country had plans to make improvements in relation to various installations this year. Maybe new lighting was already budgeted, but due to the recent challenges in society – especially hard times for the sports halls, these plans has been dropped.

For eco2LIGHT, it is important to do what we can in order to turn these difficult times around for the benefit of the halls. This ‘helping hand’ is a opportunity to get the renewal of your current light to LED lighting funded. We call this an ESCO Light agreement, but defined in a renewed version that allows you to wait with the first payment until January 2021.

New light today – puspone payment

Your new LED lighting will be installed during the summer holidays, but gives you the possibility to puspone your first payment rate until January 2021. You can therefore get the advantages of significant savings which are guaranteed throughout 2020. Then you can put the monthly savings aside and in this way ensure the first many months of ROI. It’s completely risk-free, and you enjoy the benefits of full service and solid warranty.

In short, the ESCO Light financing and service agreement is our way to finance the conversion to LED lighting and then overviewing the lighting in an agreed period. The lighting and maintenance is paid back with most of the savings on the electricity bill which follows the LED replacement. With many burning hours, these energy savings typically range from 50 – 70%.

• Puspone first payment until January 2021
• Installation before/during the summer holidays
• Full financing of LED lighting
• Maintenance and service in an agreed period
• No money upfront – no risk
• Your savings pay the investment

Do like many other sport facilities

We have supplied over 200 halls and sports facilities with the professional sports lighting that they deserve. Energy efficient lighting optimizations that have benefited both users, staff, environment and economy.

Below are some relevant ESCO examples:

Fitness4you Randers:
New Led lighting throughout the center. (The investment of 40.700 kr. was repaid in 1.2 years. Annual savings of 35.043 kr.)

Ribe Sport Center:
Massive investment in lighting in all facilities for 1.6 million kr. Individually customized solutions in all 4 halls as well as in Ribehallen and all brand new lighting in the hall, administration, toilets, corridors, kitchen facilities and all the rooms at DanHostel. (Total investment of 1.6 million kr., annual savings is 286.401 kr., ROI of 5.5 years.)

“We must praise eco2LIGHT for their credibility and professionalism. We now have the best lighting due to the unique opportunity for financing with the ESCO Light agreement”
– (Hall inspector, Jørgen Jepsen)

Nakskov Sports Center:
New sports lighting in 3 halls in Nakskov Sports Center and the other facilities are in progress at the moment. (Total investment of just over DKK 500,000, annual saving is DKK 136.573, ROI 3.7 years)

“The ESCO Light financing was crucial for us, as we did not have the economy to optimize our lighting. Now we are very much looking forward to the many summer activities.”
(Ass. Hall Inspector, Jan Ottesen)

First of all – should we help you?

We are quite busy right now and a lot of products are delivered for various hall projects, and therefore we will not have an unlimited number of INDUS A sports fixtures in stock before the summer holidays, so you should consider this unique opportunity – today.

Contact us on phone 70 70 15 55 or give our sports lighting manager Anette Hoffmann a ring at 41 33 83 84 and hear about how you get a lead ahead with new LED lighting in 2020.


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