Why LED ?

Why LED?

Today, the LED industry has come a long way compared to the technology’s beginning, where the products emitted a more blu’ish and flickering light. The light quality and durability is significantly improved compared to old conventional light sources, which is why LED now must be considered as one of the low-hanging fruits modern businesses can easily pick in order to reduce CO2 emissions, become more environmentally-friendly and earn money on the lower power consumption.

In our eyes, there are three factors at play. An overall light improvement, significant energy savings and a validated improved working environment. LED is not just common sense in an economic perspective but it is a solid investment in a better future for all.

Clear advantages with LED:

  • Higher efficiency and better lighting quality
  • Longer life – better durability
  • Less need for service and maintenance
  • Economic savings
  • Significant energy-reducing
  • Better working conditions
  • Possibility of full funding

LED versus traditional light sources:

Fluorescent lamps and incandescent bulbs both shine and flicker due to the basis of an AC power supply. It is documented that these two factors has an harmful effect on humans. Examples include headache, migraine, congested eyes and common stress. In apparent contrast to this, LED lighting, powered by a constant DC voltage, produces almost no flickering and silently produce lighting in its full range.

With a typical lifespan of over 50.000 operational hours, LED lighting has a much longer durability and is therefore a profitable investment in the long run. Guaranteed savings when implementing LED light sources provides an economical return of investment which is remarkable, contributes to a greener budget and gives you more money to use for other operating expenses.

The last 10 years, eco2LIGHT has had an engineering approach to the technology, we have collaborated with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers in the world, and most importantly of all we helped developing and testing the products. Therefore, we have collected special product knowledge supplemented by a solid technical know how. We are in the front of the market and always updated on the latest trends and focus areas, so we can deliver a specific and costumized solution to the individual customer!

FOR US – LED is much more than just light:

We cannot argue that LED is the future, especially if you focus on economy, but equally important its effect on the environment! Technically, LED light sources has a far better light quality, produces more power with less watt, and its color rendering is clearly improved in comparison to both incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps. It is the sustainable and green way in order to make your company become more environmentally friendly and adaptable in the future.

With the philosophy: It is our responsibility to make a difference – eco2LIGHT focuses on inspiring and helping companies become greener on the bottom line, how to think green changes into day-to-day operations, and the importance of investing in a better and healthier working environment for employees. All this with LED lighting as a foundation.