We went to Hong Kong for the 8th year in a row

We went to Hong Kong for the 8th year in a row

The world’s second largest light fair was just held in Hong Kong late October and eco2LIGHT/Silversun’s Development Manager Peter Balling and Project Manager Jesper Madsen traveled to the modern lighting Mecca to make new contracts and find inspiration for 2020.

Asia’s by far biggest light fair (and the second largest in the world) the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, held each year in late October at the impressive Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, is a inspirational showcase for future LED technology. An event we always look forward to be a part of.

Almost 3.000 exhibitors and +50.000 visitors from over 150 countries gathered together in remarkable fantastic settings, and once again we had a lot of colorful experiences.

For tech nerds like us, this expo is a melting pot filled with pleasure and WOW-effects, which always gives us plenty of inspiration and a solid insight into the latest LED technologies, products, trendsetting lighting designs and intelligent control systems etc.

We have spent the last 9 – 10 years testing, developing and ensuring that our products are by far the best and most energy efficient in the market – manufactured and assembled with focus on recyclable components and materials that are climate friendly and can be recycled again after being dismantled. In May, we had a third-party making recycling reports on our most popular products and it showed an average recycling rate of 98 %. A result we can be very proud of.

We personally check the conditions of the production employees at the factories in Shenzen and visit a number of important partners. We also review production procedures and have the opportunity to immerse ourselves properly in product development. As a green European LED wholesaler, it is imperative that these processes comply with our future goals and values.

Everything between various meetings, massive public transport, attendance at the light fair and a couple of cozy dinner plans with selected partners, we yet had some time to go sightseeing in the modern, illuminated metropolis.

The trip has again provided us with the necessary knowledge and inspiration to put together a new, exciting product catalog for 2020 with all our well-known and popular products as well as cool new units, which we look forward presenting to the installers in the new year.


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