We change our name to eco2LIGHT

We change our name to eco2LIGHT

Name Change

In April 2019, we established a European collaboration, which included us under the German, Ecobility Group. A collaboration with the purpose to strengthen our position in the LED market further. For practical and legislative reasons, we therefore changed our name from CO2light to Ecobility Nordic.

Ecobility Germany (ecobility.com) has just been sold to the German giant, Krämmel. Future strategy for ecobility Germany will be to focus on solar cells and battery systems for properties.

Due to this decision, we have decided to continue our activities in Spain and the Benelux-countries under the name Silversun and in Scandinavia as eco2LIGHT.

ecobility Nordic A/S change
name to eco2LIGHT A / S

Eco encapsulates our fundamental Danish values ​​and climate-friendly approach in running a LED company, while LIGHT illustrates what our core competence are. It is business as usual and it will have no effect on either suppliers, partners or customers.

We still offer the same day-to-day deliveries from our sales team and webshop, the best quality products with the same guarantee and durability, professional support and documentation throughout the country and we maintain our stock positions (Silversun) in the Netherlands and Spain.

Employees, addresses and contact information remain the same.

We really look forward to present more news and initiatives in the coming weeks, which are based on new skills and new skilled team players.

Per Kirk
CEO / Partner

Goertlervej 21
9000 Aalborg
Tel. +45 70 70 15 55
Cvr. 40117407


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