We bring the ‘Aalborg-mate’ back home

We bring the ‘Aalborg-mate’ back home

The next main character, who is now written into the eco2LIGHT story, has a winning mentality without comparison and for the last almost 20 years, he has touched many different things in the world of energy. An impressive journey packed with personal progress, an unstoppable drive, countless success experiences and a knowledge of self that has now led him back to Aalborg and a new important role in eco2LIGHT.

During the last couple of month there has been a lot of exciting initiatives and news in the house recently, but today in particular is a victoriuos day. It is with great pleasure and pride that we now can strengthen the home team with one more world champion who will provide additional competencies in-house and become a linkbuilder for the rest of the sales team.

As a former ice hockey player from AaB Ice hockey for 20 years, he is used to distribute the game with his eyes on the puck, his teammates and especially the goal. Now however, energy-efficient LED products, new colleagues and the best lighting solutions will be the goal it-selve, in order to lift the team and win the new ‘battles on the ice’.

Sales director, Team-player and joker

36-year-old Casper Stendahl got his electrician diploma from Kemp & Lauritzen in 2003 and he has been involved in electrical installation and energy optimization ever since, with many years of experience as service manager and senior installer at KT Electric in both Aalborg and Copenhagen. From 2017 – 2019, he owned NT El-Service, which in the autumn was sold to El:Con after a fantastic journey, where the amount of staff grew significantly from 5 to 28 colleagues. However, Casper chose to leave El:Con just before the summer and is now ready for another exciting voyage with us from monday 3rd of August, as Sales director.

Casper personify an infectious winning mentality, which we all can benefit from, but at the same time he is humble with his feet firmly buried in the Jutlandish soil. He is ‘locally known’ throughout Denmark and bring both freshness, charm, drive and a twinkle in the eye, which makes him well-liked and respected by many people.

He possess a broad understanding of running a modern business with an eye for management and has personal experience with installer challenges, so he becomes an extra hand for the electrician and will probably make sure that all the pieces ‘fit together’. He focuses on improvements within the organization and has a huge passion for world-class technology, control and sustainable lighting, which also is the foundation of his being and daily motivation:

“I want to be on the winning team, and that’s how I have always felt. The most important thing for me is to have both heart and motivation with me, and this collaboration felt right. It is almost like being home again, and I am really looking forward to win with the eco2LIGHT team.”


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