TRI-Proof Pro

TRI-Proof Pro

Tri-Proof Pro: An effective and strong choice

The new LED Tri-Proof Pro from eco2LIGHT is a very good quality product, specially developed for tougher work environments where conventional fluorescent lamps quickly breaks. The light source has an extremely high efficiency and a high lumen output, which means that you efficiently can illuminate large halls/floor areas optimally with only a few luminaires. The Tri Proof Pro luminaire is of the latest generation on the market and it ensures high power savings and less need for maintenance.

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High efficiency
Threaded 5 × 1.5m2
150 lm/W
IP Class: IP65
120 degree
Lifespand 52.000 hours
5 year
Length: 1.200mm and 1.500mm
Watt: 40, 50, 60 and 80W
Lumen: 6.000lm, 9.000lm and 12.000lm

The Tri Proof Pro luminaire is clean-friendly, withstands water, ammonia and other things that normally destroy other luminaires and lighting sources. Delivered in a smart streamlined design with a white painted edge. We always offer a 5 year warranty on most of our products.

The luminaire can be used for many purposes, such as slaughterhouses, pigsties and industry/production halls, but are widely used for swimming pools or changing rooms where there is wet and humid air.

With a large diffusion surface, Tri Proof Pro emits an even and clear light with a color composition that is very similar to daylight. The quality of the light is therefore more comfortable for the eyes, and it is easier to focus.

eco2LIGHT is always available with product guidance and technical support.