The light guide and mesmerize us

The light guide and mesmerize us

Due to a long period of strange times and an increased interest in commercial and visually captivating light installations, we will now bring people together with light and colors in mesmerizing and imaginative setups, in close collaboration with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of decoration lighting, IPB Decoration.

Ever since ancient man discovered the ability to create fire, which provided warmth, protection and security in a fierce battle for survival, we as human beings have been drawn to light. A fascination that extends from the sparkling stars in the sky to a small candle in the window, which can have great significance and be associated with strong emotions.

For us, light is much more than a energy-efficient bulb that saves electricity. Light shows us the way, it almost seems magical and can be a catalyst for great unique experiences. Today’s technology has come so far that decorative lighting designs only are limited by how far the imagination goes. An amazing highlight for us, is when we made “Christmas in ZOO” at the end of 2019 – Denmark’s largest Christmas lighting installation to date, which meant a new record in visitors and almost 100.000 guests in the six weeks, the event lasted. You can watch the amazing video here.

From mid-December last year we used the roof top at the headquarters in Aalborg as a showcase for one of the many fun and unique products in the IPB assortment, more specific our 4.5 meter high ECO reindeer, which since has been transformed into both a Easter teddy bear and now AaB-mascot. We have primarily done this to spread joy, and it has been received with hundreds of positive comments, big smiles and likes on social media, but it is also to show the many fun recycling opportunities.

Strong partner and distribution agreement

We are very happy to announce that we now have the framework for the collaboration with IPB in place. From now on we will be a co-designer and Danish distributor of their many unique products. IPB Decoration is a quality-conscious developer, manufacturer and design center of decorative lighting with over 25 years of experience in the industry and the whole world as their playground.

With an eye for creative quality products, low power consumption and unique experiences, they have provided decorative lighting for many different locations and projects throughout the world. A project example beyond the usual must be the adventure at the Książ Castle in Wałbrzych, which was set up as an adventurous tale beyond comparison packed with beautiful characters, colors and ‘wow’ experiences. They have also decorated various shopping centers and urban environments with great success.

Our deco specialist, Per Jørgensen, has been with us since 2015, but with a primary focus on lighting for sports arenas. In the future he will have the overall responsibility for Decoration- and Christmas lighting all across Denmark, and he is looking forward to get this chapter started:

“There are so many possibilities with decorative lighting, and I am very surprised over what can be created. Is it already Christmas, I sometimes ask myself? Very far from it, but I cannot help getting in a Christmas mood when I think about how many exciting ideas and cool products, I now can present and show to the customers.”

What can decorative lighting really be?

How do you extend a holiday at an amusement park or zoo? In what way do you emphasize a particular event most effectively , and how exactly does light effect our perception? Many places around in the world’s biggest cities and urban areas uses creative lighting designs and colors to underline aesthetics or tell stories. Light changes static things like buildings and architecture and makes them alive for the audience.

Light tells unique stories, appear magically and can take us on an emotional and visual journey – both as children and adults. It creates unique experience spaces that help sell messages.

Public parks, Zoos, airports, shopping centers, trade associations, castles, festivals and urban environments, etc. can use decorative lighting to boost visitor numbers and increase revenue.

eco2LIGHT offers the full range of IPB’s best-selling products, including: Christmas trees, light chains/garlands and street decorations, 2D/3D designs and figures. With Twinkly and Gobo as well as RGBW lighting (strips), PIXEL/Twinkly PRO and Mapping we can always make a deco project completely unique.

Combining IPB Decoration’s unparalleled creativity and their understanding of customer wishes, supplemented by our many years of experience and technical knowledge of the control/technology behind the light, we will deliver the finest and best-designed decoration solutions to our costumers which shows bottom line results.

If you now have a lot of questions, maybe you have been inspired and already think about Christmas, or you need to visually decorate the town festival, shopping center, street, amusement park or foyer in the hotel, you can always contact eco2LIGHT. Per is more than ready to visit you with both product catalogues and good prices, so we together can design the right solution for you.


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