New important partnership in 2020

New important partnership in 2020

In these uncertain times, it is important to maintain a firm focus on all the good initiatives and the fellowship we share as colleagues and as a company. The light is still turned on and in the eco2LIGHT house the optimism is high – especially now when we once again can share a positive announcement with you.

It is without the intentions of fun and practical jokes that we have chosen to reveal this on April 1st. Officially from today our longtime Project and Service Manager, Jesper Madsen, joins as a partner in eco2LIGHT. The decision is not made rashly overnight, but is based on thoughtful considerations and our solid 4-year cooperation. The partnership means that he is incorporated as a member of the management and the board of directors together with Peter Balling, Charlotte Balling and Per Kirk, and this newly established four-leaf clover opens up for new opportunities.

As Jesper points out in a teasing tone: Now Peter, Per and Charlotte are finally getting real electrician skills and competences in the management, which I think is good for all of us.”

The informal tone and the funny comments very well describe the unity that defines this house – especially in the management. With this partnership, we now stand as a stronger player in the Danish LED market, where we will continue as a competence-driven house of knowledge and of course to offer professional and intelligent LED solutions to the installers and their customers.

An important piece in the overall puzzle

34-year-old Jesper Madsen is an experienced electrician specialized within lighting and energy technology and has also had a independent installation company before being employed in the former CO2LIGHT in 2016. He is a detail oriented tech nerd, a master in speaking a language that only installers understand, he maintains a good overview and can keep concentration even if the engine room is on fire. His new role in the company will from now on be CTO – technical director.

He is the technical backup of our Account Managers and a bit of an inventor who loves to assemble and test new products in the workshop. Therefore, he is also very updated on the latest technology, and he has the ability to think out of the ‘electric box’ on challenging installations.

In the future, his primary focus will be on product development and optimization of LED solutions for our installers and their customers, which will include presentations of the latest news, market trends and lighting- and control systems, so that we always are at the forefront of the development and can offer the installers the best LED products in the market. As an example to emphasize, we are very successful in our user-friendly solutions for sports facilities that are based on simplicity and an easy installation for the electrician.

Everyday life continues and it is business as usual. The only difference is – now Jesper is just aboard the ship sitting at the rudder:

    “I look forward to make an even bigger difference for our installers, where I can both wear my work clothes and participate in projects, but at the same time also sit in the control room and help shape the strategy for eco2LIGHT.”

For us, the partnership with Jesper Madsen is another important piece of the overall puzzle, and we are all looking forward to see what exciting course is set for 2020.


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