LED Tubes

LED Tubes

LED Tubes: 600 mm
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Quality tubes from eco2LIGHT

Our LED tubes are of the best environmentally friendly quality on the market, and we offer different types of products to accommodate your needs. Our T8 LED tubes are an energy efficient replacement compared to traditional fluorescent lamps, available in several variations and lighting temperatures (120lm/W and 160lm/W) and have a longer lifespand of 74.000 hours. Traditional glass tubes often break, so we prioritize solid, high quality plastic tubes in both material, lifespand and light quality.

Recycling report 2020
Our LED tubes both T8 and T5 have high recyling degrees with a recycling procentage of 97,7 % and 98,3 % – after the tubes has been shelved.

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Voltage: 220-240V
Lifespand: L70B10@74.000hours
Dimmable: NO
Warranty: 5 years
CRI:> 80
IP Class: 20
Light spread: 120 degrees
Length: 600mm, 1.200mm and 1.500mm
Lumen (120 lm/W): 1.220, 1.320, 2.300, 2.400, 2.400, 2.780, 2.880, 3.500 and 3.600lm
Lumen (160 lm/W): 1.660, 1.760, 3.100, 3.200, 3.740, 3.840, 4.600 and 4.800lm

New technology – more opportunities

The market is under constant development and there are many products of different types, but if you prefer tubes from OSRAM or PHILLIPS, eco2LIGHT only offers quality solutions. Our T8 tubes are retrofit and can be easily mounted directly in existing luminaires. In many cases, however, it might be a reasonable idea to replace the entire luminaire rather than just ‘change’ the tube. This is due to a judiciously assessment of the tasks to be performed in the room in which the light is installed.

The cheapest tubes on the market often have a life span of 25.000 – 30.000 hours, compared to quality tubes with a lifespand of 74.000 hours, so you reduce operating and maintenance costs significantly. Main rule: The higher the LM/kW, the less expensive to use. In a lifetime analysis of the light it actually documents that the most expensive products are usually up to 7 times cheaper, so it is important to focus on quality solutions.

You can always contact the us for technical questions, or if you have questions regarding a specific tube or LED product you are looking for in our online catalogue.