LED Street light

LED Street light

Sustainable LED solutions for the green munipalicity

In the streets and residential areas, as mast lighting at ports or used as modern road lighting, LED Street Light has become more and more common due to the development of the technology. Projects mostly consist of larger municipal projects, where the overall wish is to create safer roads and reduce the CO2-emission at the same time. There are many products which can be linked up to intelligent light control and light sensors, that easily and efficiently regulate the light and adjust the amount of light compared to the time of the day.

Clear advantages of LED Streetlight:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Longer lifespan (over 50.000 hours)
  • Investment in better road safety
  • Significant energy savings
  • Possibility of intelligent light control
  • Full funding via. ESCO Light Service Agreement

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The latest street lamps (mast luminaires) from eco2LIGHT are a guarantee for quality and better conditions for users of the roads, pedestrians and other people who is present in traffic! LED street lighting ensures a much more efficient and economical way of illuminating the roads. With a high lumen output and a unique color rendering which is very similar to daylight, the lighting is much more natural for the eyes, especially in the dark night hours. Studies show that better light makes people more aware and focused.

Innovative technology and modern sustainable LED solutions.

LED Streetlight is a energy-saving and environmentally-friendly choice for the green municipality, which significantly has the desire to reduce CO2-emissions and achieve large savings on electricity and economy.

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