LED in sports

LED in sports

Professional LED for sport halls

Indoor sports facilities are used for many different activities in daily life, so a proper lighting is also required. In the case of various sports, fun parties and events, or TV-broadcast events, professional LED lighting undoubtedly creates the best framework for the users, the environment and the cashier. Intelligent light control enables you to customize the light for any type of activity and lighting needs, users get a better experience and power consumption is significantly reduced.

Advantages of LED lighting:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Longer life
  • Lower energy and operating costs
  • Better user experience
  • Intelligent light system
  • New opportunities in the hall
  • Impact resistant, dust proof and ball tested
  • Environmental and CO2-reducing
  • Full funding via. ESCO LIGHT Service Agreement

With over 200 light-optimized sports halls across the country, we are one of the leading companies in professional lighting solutions for sports halls and swimming pools. For eco2LIGHT – the fundamental focus is good products, technical know how, trustworthy advice and competent partners (installation).

Regarding lighting for halls, there are very specific rules and requirements in relation to the light quality. There must be a sufficient amount of light evenly distributed in the hall, avoiding dark areas and shadows on the floor. LED provides a clearer brightness which is better for the eyes, and intelligent light management provides miscellaneous possibilities in optimizing the atmosphere. Whether it is a regular gym in a school, an older swimming pool or a modern sports center with a sports hall, LED lighting is the most profitable choice.

For example: Based on European standards of light, clear regulations are recommended. According to this requirement specification from DS (Danish Standard), most ball games must be at 200 lux, squash and table tennis are at 300 lux, while competitions and TV matches requires up to 750 lux. An even and clear light amount is important because the eyes should be able to focus on small objects and people in fast motion.

– Our light works perfectly and we are very happy with the solution. With the ability to managing the light, we can regulate the lighting needs for different sports, and the calculations eco2LIGHT made before the implementation have been intact all the way. There are big power savings to collect.”

Center leader Asger Andersen, Klosterhallen

Product case – INDUS A sport luminaire.

INDUS A luminaire CO2LIGHT

Recommended Luminaire: INDUS A – Sport Luminaire

Our Indus A – Sport Luminaire is the latest generation of sports luminaires, specially developed for sports facilities. The luminaire is powered by 1-10V with DALI dimmable function and can be connected to a Casambi light control system. It allows for intelligent zone division, and each light source can be controlled down to the smallest detail with a single click on your iPhone or tablet, so every light scenario are possible. The power consumption is reduced significantly, the hall has more options in daily life, and the LED light optimizes the user experience.

This new INDUS-A Sport luminaire saves energy and economy (service and maintenance) and comes with a 5 year warranty.

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