LED for Shops

LED for Shops

All types of stores need high quality lighting. This is partly due to the fact of achieving an optimal indoor climate and working environment for the employees, who work in the light every day, but also because a better light generates a better user experience for the costumer. It’s important that the products are looking as nice as they can and at the same time it is important for the customers to be relaxed and in a positive mood while shopping. Furthermore, with implementing LED there are great savings to collect, both on electricity consumption and the economy.

LED lighting emits a light with much higher efficiency than traditional lighting, and it almost has the same color temperature as ordinary daylight. Color reproduction is also far better and you get a larger amount of light, which means that colors and small details are highlighted.

For example, we have LED optimized grocery stores, clothing stores and car dealers, and the common denominator is that LED lighting enhances the customers’ overall user experience. A store maybe have the need of more light than before, but despite of implementing more light sources, you have a guarantee of significant savings in electricity consumption.

-We got twice as much light as we had before, but almost half the electricity bill, and the savings are still intact 3 years later. The light is more natural and clear. The white cars seems white again, you can really see the colors and the small details are emphasized. The LED light makes the exhibition more inviting and it is important when potential customers come and look.”

Peter René Bostrup, Sales Manager at Rævhede Auto A/S

Product case – LED tubes.

Recommended LED product: LED tube

Earlier fluorescent tubes were one of the most widely used light sources for various purposes, but because of a rapid development within the industry and with so many good quality products on the market, mercury-containing fluorescent tubes was replaced. LED tubes from eco2LIGHT have a much higher efficiency, the tubes are an environmentally responsible choice and they guarantee high savings on power consumption and your bottom line.

Our T8 LED tubes are an energy efficient replacement, available in several variants and lighting temperatures – both 120lm/W and 160lm/W, and they have a longer service life of + 70.000 hours. Conventional glass pipes often break, so we prioritize solid, high quality plastic pipes in both materials, lifespand and light quality. With 5 years warranty and up to 7 times cheaper in service, the LED tube is a strong and green choice of light source.

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