LED for schools

LED for Schools

LED are very suitable for educational environments and other institutions where schoolchildren, elderly citizens and employees are staying for many hours of the day. The indoor climate in schools must be as good as possible in relation to the students’ motivation and learning abilities, which the light has a major influence on. Modern research supports the use of LED lighting, due to the fact that both color temperature and lighting quality are better for the eyes.

LED light sources are the right choice:

– Higher efficiency
– Longer life
– Lower energy and operating costs
– Better lighting
– Improves indoor climate and motivation
– 5 year warranty
– Environmental and CO2-reducing

Should your municipality also be making greener initiatives? Is it not important that the schools and learning institutions offer our children the best atmosphere to be in. And what about the elderly citizens? LED lighting not only saves money and energy consumption, but it clearly creates the best conditions for citizens, both young and old.

eco2LIGHT have advised energy consultants and delivered LED solutions for municipal projects for many years, which includes lighting for gymnasiums, different hallways, school dentists, administrations, all sorts of meeting rooms and care centers etc. The LED panel is one of the products we recommend especially for teaching and office environments, where the light should be natural and clear. The panel ensures over 50 % greater energy savings compared to old conventional light sources, and it is very easy to mount directly in the ceiling.

– Both the children in different schools, the older residents in the nursing home, and the employees of the municipality are happy about the new light. We have also got LED in our offices. Now the light gives a better diffusion, a more natural color rendering and saves a lot of energy. I am very positive about the cooperation with eco2LIGHT. They have quality products with good warranty and service, and gives professional and credible advice.”

Energy consultant Tom Leere, Municipality of Brønderslev

Product case – LED Panels.

Recommended LED product: LED Panel

Effectively, elegantly designed and oozes of modern aesthetics. The LED panel is a popular quality product in our assortment, which is already installed in many schools and institutions today. With far higher efficiency and more natural color rendering, the panel provides an smooth and clear light compared to traditional fluorescent tubes.

It is easy and quick for the local electrician or other electrical installer to implement, as the panel can be directly inserted in the ceiling or strapped down in wires. With a diffusion surface that provides a more equal glow and amount of light, it is perfect to use in hallways, different large rooms, meeting areas and classrooms.

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