LED for Industry

LED for Industry

LED lighting has come to stay, especially in the industry where people often work in 24 hour shifts a day, and special requirements for light intensity and safety at work are essential. Industrial projects include storage halls, production halls, pig sties, chicken farms, outdoor spotlights, facade lighting, light for receptions and inspection areas, etc.

Why choose LED lighting?

– Higher efficiency
– Longer lifespand
– Lower energy and operating costs
– Intelligent light control (Dimmable)
– Durable and easy to clean
– Environmental and CO2-reducing
– Full funding via. ESCO LIGHT Service Agreement

LED lighting embraces all of the advantages above, why the technology is the right way to optimize the working environment and gives a financial gain on the bottom line.

With incredibly high efficiency and the possibility of smart dimming/light control, LED lighting is particularly suitable for locations requiring good, safe and efficient lighting. The Tri Proof Pro luminaire or INDUS High Bay lamp is optimal solutions in rooms with a ceiling height of between 6 and 30 meters. With a 5 year warranty, an average lifespand of over 50. 000 hours and up to 80 % savings on power consumption, it is an effective way to make your business more green and sustainable.

If it is not possible to raise money in your budget for LED, eco2LIGHT offers full funding with our ESCO Light Service agreement, so you do not have to pay a cent up front. Contact us today for a noncommittal talk about a costumized LED solution for your company.

The conclusive factor for us, before the decision were final, was financing, price and of course the right products to match our needs. eco2LIGHT proved to be strongest company in terms of price and quality products, but at the same time they gave us the opportunity to finace the project. This was very important to us.”

Finance Manager Mikkel Lauest – Fibercon

Productcase – INDUS High Bay.


Recommended Luminaire: INDUS High Bay UFO

With INDUS High Bay Ufo from eco2LIGHT, you get an illumination source that not only increases safety at work, but also significantly increases the quality of light that represents the staff’s working environment. Improved light quality not only increases concentration, but also reduces fatigue on long working days / night watches.

We have provided INDUS High Bay Ufo for many purposes within the industry (usually at product shelves, in production halls and warehouses), but the lamp can also be used in a more commercial context to emphasize details and optimize user experience for visiting customers (ex. at a car dealer).

Read more about INDUS High Bay Ufo under LED products.