LED Financing

LED Financing

Finance model CO2LIGHT

Who do not want to save energy and money without any investment?

Beeing green and saving money at the same time is very nice indeed, but the challenge is often how to finance it. Even though you might have considered switching to LED light, not everyone can find the economy in their budget. If it is hard or nearly impossible to raise the money for new lighting, we would like to help.

We still offer full financing of your new LED project. How is that possible? We call the solution for an ESCO Light service agreement.

ESCO Light service agreement

In short, eco2LIGHT finances the conversion to LED lighting and maintains the lighting over an agreed period. The lighting and maintenance is then repaid with the majority of the savings on the electricity bill, which follows with replacing to LED.

Savings of maybe 5.000 DKK a month, an agreed amount (ex. 4.500 DKK) is paid back to eco2LIGHT.

You are therefore cash positive from the beginning. You also enjoy all other benefits of the agreement, such as our replacement-to-new-products warranty and service during the contract period. Simple, easy and efficient. ROI typically ranges from 3 to 5 years (depending on the size of the installation). The conversion to LED lighting is completely risk free and no liquidity is required. There are no hidden interest rates, no magic or cheating – it’s just a simple, good and healthy business for all.

LED financing without investing a penny!

ESCO-light case