Inhouse expertise with light calculation

Inhouse expertise with light calculation

Through 10 years in the industry, we have perfected our knowledge in the technology. In close collaboration with some of the world’s leading OEM-factories, we have defined new trends and influenced the development of the best LED light sources for B2B.

We differentiate ourselves by an engineering and detail-oriented approach to the development of products and all of our energy consultants and other staff members has extensive experience within the LED industry, which supports our status as a house of knowledge. Technical know-how and professional support are key words in our self-understanding as an innovative LED developer and wholesaler.

Educated staff define eco2LIGHT

26-year-old Emil Papis graduated within Energy Technology and he will soon finish his professional bachelor degree in Energy Management at UCN. Emil has been with us in the past, when we still was CO2LIGHT. Due to his previous knowledge of the company, everyday processes and how to communicate with the Account Managers, we chose to hire him as an consultant to be responsible for the light calculations.

Today he is office bound at least 2 – 3 times a week, where he supports the energy consultants and work close together with our Project Manager in relation to documentation for the customers.

In the DIAlux Evo 8.1 program (a 3D-based modeling program for sketching projects and calculating light) he draws and illustrates the number of light sources and how to place them at the location. This documentation material is prepared in accordance with specific requirements and guidelines within the current standard regulations, so that the documentation is always relevant and trustworthy.

On a daily basis he is involved in all types of projects, including schools/institutions, outdoor areas, offices, different industry applications, maritime environments, urban lighting and sports lighting. The project can be either a single room or an entire building on several floors including outdoor lighting. Over the past month, he has worked extensively on sports lighting and industrial halls, but not many projects are the same.

We offer support in light calculation

If you have an exciting project at hand and need support on energy optimization with LED, you can always contact eco2LIGHT on 70 70 15 55
or send a email directly to Emil at In the daily he sits in Aalborg, but he helps out our energy consultants in all departments; Northern Jutland, Central Jutland and South Denmark (Fyn).


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