INDUS High Bay Ufo

INDUS High Bay

Better light – fewer watts and less power consumption

Our INDUS High Bay Ufo lamps fit perfectly in warehouses, production halls, exhibition centers etc. With incredibly high efficiency and a dimable option, the lamps are particularly suitable for locations that requires good, safe and efficient lighting. These lamps optimize lighting in rooms with a ceiling height of between 6 and 30 meters. This light source gives you a super bright and clear light, which in some cases (depending on the light function) can provide over 80 % savings on your electricity compared to traditional lighting.

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Specifications INDUS High Bay.


  • 130 lm/W
  • 1-10V dimmable
  • Versions from 100, 150 and 200 watts
  • Lumen: 13.000, 18.000 and 27.600lm
  • Voltage: 220-240 VAC
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Material: Aluminum
CO2LIGHT High Bay Ufo

With INDUS High Bay Ufo from eco2LIGHT, you get a light source that not only increases safety at work, but also significantly increases the quality of light that represents the staff’s working environment. Improved light quality not only increases concentration, but also reduces fatigue on long working days/night watches. We have delivered INDUS High Bay Ufo for many purposes in the industry (mostly product- and storage halls), but the lamp can also be used in a more commercial context for highlighting details and optimizing user experience for visiting customers (ex. at a car dealer).

The above-mentioned solution with intelligently designed light control (partial dimming/timing) ensures power savings of more than 80 %, while simultaneously optimizing working conditions for truck drivers and warehouse workers.

Do you have technical questions regarding the INDUS High Bay product associated with a specific case, or are you curious about a LED project, you can always contact our technical skilled staff at 70 70 15 55.