eco2LIGHT enriched with a new colleague

eco2LIGHT enriched with a new colleague

In the light of this terrible pandemic state of COVID19 virus, we have had more than enough to ‘fix’ in eco2LIGHT as well as many decisions to take into consideration to make everyday life at the company as unaffected as possible. Fortunately, in this harsh and uncertain time, we have a number of positive news to share with you all during the next weeks.

As of Monday, March 16th, a new amazing member entered the eco-family, which gives our organization more sharp skills, with the employment of 43-year-old Thomas Madsen. Thomas had a former position as lighting consultant at Fagerhult Belysning A/S and actually has a background as an electrician from early days, which inables him to speaks the “installer language” fluently and he also has solid technical knowledge about LED products and lighting control systems. It is precisely these aspects that encapsulates his focus, interests and strengths, which he will continue in his new role as Key Account Manager at eco2LIGHT.


He has always lived in Middelfart with his wife Maria during 17 years, whom he has two children with (Victoria at 12 years and Frederik at 14 years). Geographically, his primary area of ​​responsibility will be Fyn and Southeast Jutland, focusing on new exciting customers.

Can you tell us a little about your professional background?

Well, actually, I am an educated electrician from my early days but I later decided to further my education as an electrical installer in 1998. After that I worked for a number of years as a Contract Manager, where I was responsible for projects and economy and in this context much of the calculus was to estimate lighting for these projects. I have also worked as a Product Manager with a special focus on lighting products and technology.

How long have you been working with lighting?

About 6 – 7 years with specific focus on the sales aspect. For me, it was a natural direction to go in, as the fascination for development, LED products and the technology behind it has been a clear motivator. Therefore, It was not easy to find a suitable replacement because part of the challenge was to make sure, I got the same fundamentals with an exciting product range, focus on technical support and professionalism.

What do you like to work with and what are your strengths?

Costumer care – this means that I, together with the customer and the installer, find the absolute best LED solution, and I make sure to follow through, so that we always have clear lines/communication and that we have the same expectations for the final result.

What do you expect of the employment at eco2LIGHT?

I am looking forward to supporting and working with existing and new customers at eco2LIGHT, where I value technical knowledge very much. In addition, I look forward to be a part of a strong team with some good colleagues who, like myself, have experience in the industry.

All of us at eco2LIGHT look forward to a rewarding and strong collaboration, where the most important task is to offer the customers the best, costumized lighting solutions in close cooperation with the professional installer.


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