Closed for the summer in week 29 and 30

Closed for the summer in week 29 and 30

The holiday is right around the corner and the heavily packed calendar will be replaced with sun, summer and plenty of relaxation. Whether the summer holiday is going to be a family trip in a camper, a Danish camping holiday with the kids or an exotic trip to Thailand with palm trees and a private bridge to the ocean does not matter. We are just looking forward to a bit of quite time. It has been very busy lately, especially within recent months, after the Ecobility ship was launched and had to be navigated sensibly in the large LED market.

Looking back at some stressful months with various practical assignments inhouse, designing new catalogues, moving data, adding new products and a couple of very large projects that had to be completed, we now can take a few weeks off with good conscience. We look forward returning to the after the holidays.

We only close down ‘part-time’

Like many others at the moment, we also close down the company in week 29 and 30, but there will be staff in the house anyway. We are still available and can support you if you need to pick up new products in the warehouse or you just have questions regarding projects, that cannot wait. We can offer a cup of fresh coffee and a little piece of chocolate to stabilizes the blood sugar. Our phone is open, so you always have the opportunity of reaching us at 70 70 15 55. Most of us are back again at Goertlervej, Monday July 29 (week 31).

As a final remark, Ecobility Nordic wish our employees, customers and business partners a really nice summer and holiday.


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