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Green thinking – sustainable LED

“Improvement and optimization are key words when describing the focus of eco2LIGHT as a company. Through innovative thinking and cutting edge technology, eco2LIGHT has taken on the task of enhancing the quality of efficient light sources for virtually any market. Among experts there are no doubt that LED lighting is the future compared to fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs.”

Danish LED wholesaler

eco2LIGHT (formerly CO2LIGHT) is a well-established company with headquarter in Aalborg, which in 2017 expanded and established department in Herning. With the focus on developing the organization we changed our name to eco2LIGHT. We design products with some of the world’s leading manufacturers in the industry, and offer the best technical knowhow, innovative thinking, professional consultants, close customer contact and sustainable long lasting quality products. We work with some of Denmark’s leading installers and offer full financing for LED lighting.

LED-lighting: Nothing but advantages

Based on each customer, we find the right solutions for long-term LED lighting. LED not only enhances quality of light, light intensity and color rendering, but it also reduces your electricity consumption by up to 80 %. LED is much more durable with a life span of between 50.000 and 80.000 hours, and has a higher efficiency compared to traditional lighting. This means more power but less electricity, which generates savings on the electricity bill and CO2-account.

The best solution in the market!

LED light sources are today in such good and solid quality, both in terms of material, design, light/color reproduction and longevity, which means that it is just common sense. LED effectively replaces all old incandescent bulbs and traditional fluorescent lamps and brings savings to the environment, energy and economy at the same time.

With an engineering technical approach to our products, we have now obtained, tested and examined the technology down to the last detail for 10 years, so we can also offer the industry’s absolute best LED products. With some of the world’s largest OEM factories as collaborators and a cooperation with some of Denmark’s leading installers (Intego, Kemp & Lauritzen, NordElectro, PL Service, Elcon, Mariendal Electrics, Bravida etc.), we are always in the forefront of the development and can guarantee the best, customized LED solutions – every time! As a LED wholesaler, we have a great focus on ethical responsibility, green growth and sustainable products.

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