A strong trainee at GV21

A strong trainee at GV21

February is nearly at its end and 2020 are going on strong. Again, we got the pleasure of having a fresh and young man in internship from UCN, who will help define his own role in the company.

Here at Goertlervej 21, we make an effort to ensure an informal tone in everyday life – especially with new faces in the house. Fortunately, the practical jokes just bounced off his broad shoulders, and he quickly felt like part of the team, now sitting across our light calculator Emil Papis, who himself started as an intern a couple of years ago.

As an authorized electrician from Nordtronic in 2016 and with a certain interest in energy optimization, 25-year-old Andreas Weesgaard is more than ready to flex his technical muscles when he is going to be in charge of a demo project at Mekoprint.

In short, this project will have its eligibility with focus on lighting control and financial savings. With a smart measuring device, HOBO locker UX90, which can detect movement/activity as well as register how much the light is switched on, he can use these data to illustrate how profitable light control systems really is. A project, we will follow with great interest.

Apparently, it looks like he is just as caught up with technique and sustainability as he is with physical training and his protein-rich diet, so we look forward to a ‘strong’ collaboration. Just to know a little more about Andreas’ internship, we asked him a number of quick questions:

• Basics like your name, age, field of study and semester?

My name is Andreas Weesgaard, I’m 25 years old and has an electrician in 2016 at Nordtronic. I am in the process of educating myself within the field of Energy Technology on the 4th semester. Afterwards the plan is to pursue a Bachelor in Energy Management.

 • Why did you want to get an internship at eco2LIGHT?

I looked for an internship for a long time, but I was looking for more technical companies. I ended up looking for smaller, local companies, which is why I called Peter Balling, because I already heard about eco2LIGHT before. Furthermore I had a particular interest in LED lighting from my time as an electrician at Nordtronic.

 • How long is the internship period and where do you have your professional strengths and interests?

I am very interested in customer-oriented projects, energy optimization and business sustainability. For the moment, I am working on a data analysis which hopefully will answer a number of basic questions regarding the benefits of LED lights and light control systems etc. I started the internship period on February 3rd and it ends at April 12th, but the period can be extended.

 • What is your experience so far and what are your expectations for the collaboration?

So far I am very satisfied – very good colleagues and I am convinced that I will learn a lot, both technically and personally. I hope that both eco2LIGHT and myself get as much out of the internship period as possible, so I will have the best project to implement later on and both sides feel that something constructive has come out of the process.

 • What type of business/work would you like to do after graduation?

Right now it is a little difficult to say what I would like to work with in the future, but it has to be something relevant and exciting in the field of energy optimization, preferably where I am in contact with the customers and come out to see the actual projects.

• What do you do in your spare time?

I train a whole lot at the gym and are very passionate about my diet. I also built workout- and diet programs for clients, and sometimes work as a personal trainer. When I do not spend time in the gym, I do fun stuff with my friends and try my best to influence their food habits and way of life.


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