A Danish summer holiday in the horizon

A Danish summer holiday in the horizon

The holiday is so near, that you almost can taste it, and for many of us this might mean a quiet summer cottage or camping holiday in lovely Denmark. In a couple of hours, we turn the LED light off for a while, hoping that the sun will dominate for the next 2 weeks.

It has been an interesting but also challenging 2020 so far but fortunately we have collected many positive news in the backpack. Before uncertainty with the Corona outbreak and repatriated employees, we added additional skills to our already strong LED team:

The employment of Lighting specialist Thomas Madsen, the partnership with our project manager and now technical director Jesper Madsen, the story of the collaboration with IPB Decoration, as well as a focus on an expanded version of the financing model – ESCO LIGHT, which means that sport facilities and halls can get new LED lighting installed now and then wait with the first payment until January 2021. Furthermore, there has been plenty of time to reconstruct our stock and in this process, transform the headquarters on Gørtlervej 21 into a large showroom with our own popular products. You are always welcome to visit us after the holidays and get a tour .

Even though we have many new, exciting projects in the binoculars, we all look forward to some quiet quality time with the family.

We are closed for the summer holiday from Friday 10th of July until Monday 27th of July. However, we are ready to help you anyway. In case of emergency or other inquiries, we have a skilled colleague on the phone and at the stockage during weeks 29 and 30. Call 70 70 15 55 if you need any LED products or helping support.

A final message from eco2LIGHT: We wish you all a wonderful summer holiday!


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