World class lighting at Viborg Badminton Club

World class lighting at Viborg Badminton Club

A year after our strong partner PL Service Midtjylland installed 80 new sports fixtures in Viborg Badminton Club, Chairman Henrik Mejdahl is certain that the well-known badminton club from the 60’s now has the best LED light in the world. The installation was executed quickly and flexible, which both the chairman and the board emphasized to us.

eco2LIGHT has delivered products and supported installers in a widespread B2B industry, but projects we especially excel in after all these years in the market are custom-designed LED solutions for all types of sports halls and sports facilities, which this spedific case is another good example of.

The club’s special DNA preserved

The myth about, that LED lighting is a bad match for badminton, belongs to the past. Today, the products are of such good quality and the possibilities with the light are numerous, so it can be costumized for the individual hall. Henrik Mejdahl himself is a former electrician with knowledge of the products and trends of the time, so for him, the most important thing in the task of replacing the old light with LED, was to preserve the club’s trademark. When the hall was established in the 60’s, the club built special slats in the ceiling to minimize glare on the courts so they should be preserved. Therefore, the light sources today are installed, as shown in the picture above.

Despite 30 % less light than recommended (due to the slats), the courts are equipped with identical light on both sides, there is no glare (URG <19) and the shadows are gone. Now a more even and natural light constitutes the atmosphere, giving more possibilities, and also comply with Team Denmark’s demands for quality, brightness and level.

Smart options with the light

14 modules with 8 amplifiers distributed over 80 luminaires are the total solution in the hall today, and members enjoy playing on the courts. There is now the possibility of remote light control and regulation, and it is easy to control all light sources digitally and individually. It offers various opportunities for special events, such as shows and events. An aspect, Chairman Henrik Mejdahl particularly emphasizes in his assessment:

“We had a visit from Jan Ø. Jørgensen (pro player) to a demonstration match, where we only had switched on the light in court 3, which gave a very special atmosphere. We have far more options in relation to activities and different kinds of events, where the new light creates the best conditions and arena for a good, memorable evening.”

Why collaborate with us?

For us, close customer contact and professional support are some of the most important parameters to ensure the best result at the end. Furthermore, the cooperation with the installer is crucial, which is why we make a great deal in always involveving the best people for the job, whether it is the local electrician or our more permanent partners:

“The collaboration has been fantastic, the technical guidance from project manager Jesper Madsen has been beyond comparison and Anette has done a really professional job in regards to special details, data and advice from day one. I can only recommend others to work with eco2LIGHT.”

– Henrik Mejdahl, Chairman Viborg Badminton Club

August 29, 2019