Treco gets annual electricity savings of 65 %

Treco gets annual electricity savings of 65 %
New LED lighting at Treco

“Of course I would recommend CO2LIGHT to other companies that are considering switching and upgrading to LED. They have some solid, professional products. The material is strong and the light is clear and it seems much more naturally than before. ”
Preben Pedersen, CEO – Managing

With the prospect of great savings on the electricity bill and a better, more energy-efficient light in – especially the production hall, Treco chose to get LED in the spring of 2016. To get a comprehensive light optimization can be a big decision and a big investment, but when Preben Pedersen, CEO – Managing Director, was presented with our ESCO LIGHT solution, the decision became final. With full financial funding, a costumized total solution was established throughout the company based on documentation such as: Light requirements, burning hours, specific solid products and sharp inspection requirements in the production hall.

Treco is a proud Northern Jutlandic company, which has been involved in metalworking and various constructions all over the world for the past 25 years. The headquarters in Aalestrup has over 65 employees divided into the 7200 m2 large land register, which houses both administration rooms, reception, hall area, canteen and production / assembly, where the latter in particular is the core of Treco’s high quality and well-known products worldwide.

Product inspection at TrecoMORE POWER – LESS WATT for a busy company that produce almost 24 hours a day and therefore it is vital with a clear and natural light over all. With the new LED solution, quality control is now more efficient, and the visual inspection of the end products is easier then before, so the employees’ eyes do not get tired as quickly.

Facts about the case
We arranged 700 LED tubes for the production and warehouse, but we have also rebuilt various luminaires, and delivered bulbs and panels for the administration and lobby area. The repayment period is ONLY 1.2 years, which means that Treco is soon finished with the investment, and then all savings on electricity passes to the company itself. Treco’s employees (both in the administration and in the warehouse/assembly line) think very positive about the new light sources. The response is that the light now seems more natural, and especially the warehouse employees avoid headaches and tired eyes, which both can be good for motivation and job satisfaction.

LED lighting gives various benefits – benefits, that all types of companies can use.