Smart Retrofit-solution at Sønderborg International School

Smart Retrofit-solution at Sønderborg International School
Retrofit solution at Sønderborg International School

In a strong collaboration with Intego – Aabenraa, who had the responsibility for dismantling, rebuilding and installing the lighting, we have delivered a costumized retrofit solution all over Sønderborg International School, which now improves the indoor climate, the quality of the light and safety issues in general, and as an extra bonus, the school saves around 20.000 kr. on their annual electricity bill.

Rebuilding existing light sources can be a challenging and sometimes time-consuming affair, but with eco2LIGHT’s new Retrofit Kit, consisting of a driver and magnetic stripe, it’s now easy to ‘replace the inputs’ of existing lamps and old devices.

Not many LED projects are the same, and companies in different industries rarely have the same requirements when it has to do with green renovation and light optimization. Present light enhancement is a perfect example of the fact that price not necessarily has to be the most important factor in order to do a replacement for LED lighting.

Energy-efficient innovation in old light setup

Before the private school moved into the address at Agervang 14 in Sønderborg, the building used to be the region’s nursing school with the capacity of educating 200 nursing students. Due to the number of students attending the school in recent years, the private school bought the old building and officially moved into the premises in December 2017.

The building is from the mid-70’s, which gives the school a very special atmosphere. Much of the lighting in the main building’s classrooms, hallways, teacher’s room and meeting rooms are placed in connection with or inside the ventilation system. Normally, we recommend replacing the entire fixture, but in this case it would destroy the aesthetics, make marks in both ceiling and ventilation, and require more resources. A scenario, the school did not want and therefore price was not a deciding factor.

Our CTO (Technical Manager) then came up with an excellent idea. Why not renew the school’s existing light sources with our smart retrofit kit, so it was possible to preserve the look and aesthetics while significantly improving the quality of light without spending too much effort on the rebuilding process? This demanded a special solution that could be integrated with the existing ventilation system.

The possibility of ESCO Light funding and the fact that the school could preserve the old lamps, but still get a much better light to improve daily health, indoor climate and general safety, made the conclusive difference.

With a total investment of 230.000 Danish kr. all the lighting in the main building and the ‘Pavilion’ is now replaced and just a few days later, Steve Hall could already see a significant difference in the lighting. Subsequently, both parents and staff have made many positive remarks. Today the school look like it has been freshly painted, renovated and seems much more inviting.

There were minimal distractions even though parts of the installation was made while students and teachers were attending school, but Intego was very professional and efficient, so the process became very flexible.

“I felt very well informed, Anette is a nice, positive person, and your ability to realize our needs with the smart retrofit solution, was very impressing to me. I couldn’t be more satisfied. You guys know what you’re doing, and I would certainly recommend your expertise in LED lighting to others.”

– Steve Hall (Marketing and Facilities Manager)

A strong collaboration with Intego

Besides the customer, the electrician is the most important part of the project, which is why technical skills and knowledge of the customer are an important focus. We work with the best installers in our projects, and this is where Intego comes into the picture.

Despite the size of the retrofit assignment, which were new for the department in Aabenraa, there was a constructive and creative dialogue about the possibilities in this present Retrofit optimization. Intego even came with the idea of implementing new polycarbonate plates in the existing 60/60 panels.

All in all, the assembly included 210 new LED tubes, 240 units of 4xRetrofit Kit for the existing panels as well as 23 plafonds with motion sensor installed in the toilets. For the school, this means a reduction in Watt consumption from 23.670 kWh to 14.057 (around 10.000 kWh) and in the Pavilion more than half from 10.801 kWh to 4.455 kWh (almost 6.400 kWh) – in average 45 Watt to 19 Watt per unit.

A really good and solid solution that meets the customer’s wishes and requirements and also matches the documented savings:

“We do not establish many retrofit solutions of this size as Sønderborg International School. Usually, we just concentrate on a few classrooms, so this project was of a completely different magnitude. Most often, we recommend replacing the entire luminaire to avoid any challenges with sockets or other components, but this Retrofit solution was well planned and costumized, easy to assemble and it gives a super nice lighting result, which I definitely would like to vouch for.”

– Georg Faudel (Service Manager, Intego – Aabenraa)

July 2, 2020