New luminaires and smart Casambi in sport hall

New luminaires and smart Casambi in sport hall
Elbohall LED

“You get excactly what you want with light from eco2LIGHT. Customized quality solutions that fully meet our requirements and needs “.

What do you do, as hall inspector, when you are unhappy with the old lighting and overall light setup, and the idea of ​​switching to the LED has been on your mind for some time? You explore the possibilities on the market and find an LED supplier- and adviser that manages the task.

Hall inspector Jon Laugesen (at the Elbo Hall in Fredericia) believed that eco2LIGHT can manage the task. After a long-time need for energy-efficient LED in the halls, followed by advice and guidance from the Sport Center’s Technical Manager, who focused on the products and the overall solution, he recommended CO2LIGHT as the best supplier.

Latest sports fixtures and intelligent lighting control

There is happening a lot on the market all the time, so of course the latest generation of sports fixtures was used in this hall project. The INDUS A-luminaires are perfect in sports context, because of their incredible durability and the really good light, they provide – leaving no shadows on the court. With over 600Lux in both halls and intelligent Casambi control, Elbohallen can now accommodate all imaginable light requirements and other needs from their users.

In the future, the lighting is suitable for both volleyball, handball, badminton, indoor football, school sports and different types of events, where either more or less light is required.

Easy and efficient installation
From the beginning it was important that the installation could be completed in early June, especially when the badminton players had to use the facilities over the summer. For eco2LIGHT, it is important that the local electrician also has the possibility to present an offer on the installation, as all local partners must have the opportunity, but in the end, Jon Laugesen chose to let us run the whole project. Therefore, PL Service Midtjylland, one of our permanent installation partners, was connected to the project, who as always made the installation efficiently and easy – to great satisfaction of the hall inspector:

“I’m very pleased with the overall solution, and it’s really nice with the different scenarios. I can set the light to all sports now and we have far more options. I have a cleaning crew every evening, where only a few lights are lit and it is a good feeling to know, that we no longer use unnecessary amounts of electricity. It was important for me to get a ‘finished package’ and this eco2LIGHT could deliver.”

Criticism of LED is unjustified
Often, there are much criticism regarding LED light in connection with badminton, for example, but the criticism is completely unfounded, according to Jon Laugesen. He did his homework thoroughly and talked to people from the Badminton League, who assured him that badminton players are probably the most flexible sportsmen of all, as they constantly play in halls with different lighting. Elbohallen’s badminton players have now played in the new lighting for over 4 weeks and there has not been no negative comments. Everybody seems very satisfied.

If you also have questions or considerations regarding sustainable light sources for your hall, you can always contact eco2LIGHT for a non-mandatory talk.

Why eco2LIGHT:

“There are many reasons why. Per Jørgensen (eco2LIGHT) is a competent and trustworthy advisor. Up to my final decision, many called and offered cheaper solutions and prices, but I would rather have quality for my money and good conditions in service, maintenance and warranty. eco2LIGHT know all about the technology and can deliver the right quality products at a reasonable price.”