Magion reduces electricity consumption with + 50 %

Magion reduces electricity consumption with + 50 %
Ecobility Nordic LED-solution reduces electricity consumption in Magion with over 50 %

Magion in Grindsted is a Culture and Sports facility located in Billund Municipality, which offers various options such as a library, lecture rooms, fitness, swimming bath and sports center, where both young and mature come together. In a modern assemply house, like Magion, visitors come and go almost 24 hours a day, so the light is turned on from early morning at 05 – 22.30 late evening (more than 17 hours a day throughout the week), and sometimes until midnight to 01 o’clock at weekends.

During the 6 years Erik Thøgersen had the responsibility as technical service manager for Magion, the opening hours has been the same and by using almost 350 ordinary 32W fluorescent tubes, just in the foyé, their electricity and power consumption was significant. In recent years, he therefore began investigating the LED market and collecting offers from various suppliers, as the service manager already knew about all the many operational and economic advantages that energy-efficient lighting brings.

There are many companies in a market which still is in constant development, so the challenge for Erik Thøgersen was to validate the quality of the various LED products. It is perfectly understandable, that it can be hard to figure out, especially if you get different information. Therefore, when he got the opportunity to see the products ‘in action’ by participating in one of our previous workshops via. ConnectSport at Elbohallen in Fredericia, he toke it:

“Apart from the fact that your offer and technical advice were the best compared to others, for me it made a world of difference to see the products installed and working, and even though the foyé was a whole nother project, it helped me with the decision. Afterwards, your energy consultant Anette and I have had a good dialogue, in which I have become a bit wiser regarding the products, so I chose your solution and that I have not regretted.”
– Technical Service Manager, Erik Thøgersen

One project became two

After reviewing the technical documentation and getting the installation in place, the agreement was signed, and in December 2018, – house electrician Finn Lauridsen started installing approx. 160 new 15W round panels throughout the entrance and in the foyer. Both the number of light sources and the watt has now been reduced to half, and this gives a precise indication of how much is saved on energy and electricity consumption:

“I am very pleased with the light, and I can already see a major difference in our consumption of electricity. It varies a bit, but in January, February and last month we have gone from about 5.200 kWh a month to an average of about 2.500 kWh now, a reduction of over 50 %, which is very amazing. The light sources are paid back within 1.2 years.”
– Technical Service Manager, Erik Thøgersen

With these significant savings in such short time and the experience of the workshop in mind, it now was obvious for the service manager, who is himself an old badminton player, also to let eco2LIGHT deliver the lighting for Lynghallen, which is owned by the Foundation Magion. A project we once again will take on with pride and professionalism.

Why go with eco2LIGHT?

We focus on the individual customer and have a close collaboration with various installers, both large companies and individuals (in this case Magion’s own electrician), and together we find the absolute best solution – every time. 10 years of experience with ups and downs in a complex market has made us stronger and given us an updated know-how in terms of energy-efficient light sources for all types of tasks and projects.

Our main number is still 70 70 15 55, we now got a new webshop for installers, and we always offer a free review and professionel evaluation on the old lighting. Should we also talk about your options with sustainable LED lighting?

May 23, 2019