Great light improvements at Fredericia Stadium

Great light improvements at Fredericia Stadium
Light improvements at Monjasa Park

eco2LIGHT has made light improvements for over 200 sports facilities in Denmark and designed a number of outdoor arenas (GOAL STATION), but for the first time we had the responsibility of setting up real stadium lighting.

The new lighting at Fredericia Stadium (Monjasa Park) delivers a whole new atmosphere in the arena. In close cooperation with Lindpro Fredericia, who also installed the old stadium light and have the experience and local knowledge in the region, we entered he project with respect and great enthusiasm.

Fortunately, the highly elevated installers were NOT afraid to hang 42 meters above the pitch and they quickly installed 20 new 1200W Sports Arena fixtures (5 units on each light pole in addition to the existing halogen lamps).
A significant light improvement which strengthen the overall settings and complies with DBU’s lighting requirements.

– “Despite of wind conditions far above the stadium, the installation went efficient and easy. The collaboration with eco2LIGHT has been really great, and the end result is something we all can be very proud of.”
(Service technician – Tom Sidney, Lindpro A / S – Fredericia)

FC Fredericia currently ranks second in Denmark’s 1st Division in soccer and they have ambitions to play in the best league. The home field is supposed to reflect the team’s and city’s goals and focus, which made it obvious to invest in significant light improvements.

In order to comply with DBU requirements (national standard) and have the ability to give audience the best experience at a match, the solution required a minimum of 1000 lux and identical light of over 70 %. With the addition of the twenty 1200W sports fixtures, there is now a measurable average of 1193 lux and as much as 72 % identical lighting throughout the pitch.

The Sports Arena fixture is the best quality in the market – built to be mounted high above the ground, where it is particularly exposed to the harsh elements of the weather. With shock protection of up to 15.000 volts and resistance to withstand storms (16 certification against wind speed (51.0 ~ 56.0m / s), it is specially adapted for outdoor applications.

The luminaire gives the double or up to four times more light (approved for TV transmission), ensures significant energy savings and Nichia LED technology guarantees more than 100.000 hours in life spand. The installation is simple, including 3 installation options with the detachable driver box (1) at the bottom of the high mast, (2) in the top of the high mast or directly on the lamp and the luminaire is equipped with steel brackets and handles which further facilitates mounting.

For us, the most important success criteria is to give the customer the best conditions during the process and at the end ensuring the costumer receives the most optimal result in terms of lighting as well as energy optimization. We are very proud of the completed project and hope that the overall light improvements can help FC Fredericia to scor even more goals in their home field.

If you are curious about the overall case and specific product data, we have uploaded a more detailed brochure about the project here.

November 28, 2019