Enormous energy improvements at Fyrtaern Tommerup

Enormous energy improvements at Fyrtaern Tommerup
Energy optimization at Fyrtårn Tommerup

After only 3 month with their new LED solution in all facilities Fyrtaern Tommerup has already exceeded the expected electricity savings significantly, and Center Manager Troels Eriksen are extremely satisfied.

Exactly 440 LED lamps (various selected light sources) distributed between two sports halls, a swimming pool, dressing rooms, toilet facilities, lounge areas, hallways, meeting rooms and guest rooms for overnight paying guests. Fyrtaern Tommerup has made a good future investment in reduced kWh, strengthen the facilities and giving the users more possibilities with the new lighting.

Concentrating on savings versus costs of investment, as well as the need for maintenance, they made a well-documented financing model to define the project, but already after a short period with new lighting the culture center is ahead of the calculations – even if the savings only can be based on the two sports halls:

“We are not yet 100 % finished with all installations, so now it is just an estimate, but based upon the two halls in which we now have intelligent lighting control, in just 3 months we have saved over 25.000 DK in electricity, and it is far better than the forecast in our first calculation,” the happy center manager explains.

Smart lighting control in the halls mean, that now it is only neccesary to have 4-6 lamps switched on since the replacement when the youth team plays badminton compared to before, where all the lights had to be turned in order to make it possible to see the feather ball.

Clever solution brings great energy savings

eco2LIGHT assisted with professional advice, documentation and our Project manager programmed the light in the halls. The overall financing of the project itself was completed by Fyrtaern Tommerup and their own electrician made all the installations, which worked perfectly to great satisfaction of the Center Manager, because in this it did not require much planning despite of the otherwise extensive project.

Trust was one of the most decisive factors for Troels Eriksen, before he without worrying could sign the agreement, but fortunately he already knew about our optimization of Elbohallen and Fredericia Sports Center as well as a few other projects in the region.

“It was a big decision to replace all the old light, but we had full confidence of eco2LIGHT’s ability to deliver. We have got a well-designed overall solution that, after a short period, gives greater savings than expected. Now, it is still too early to measure on the other installations, but with just the halls we expect to save around 100.000 Danish Kroner annual in electricity expenses.”

According to the center manager, Fyrtaern Tommerup now has fare more possible light scenarios and lux than they really needed, but he sees this as a clear advantage for future purposes. Now the culture center can proudly offer its users the best facilities and with energy-saving LED lighting everywhere, it will be exciting to follow the development and overall electricity savings in the future.

February 4, 2020