Elegant retrofit solution at Viborg Private School

Elegant retrofit solution at Viborg Private School
LED improvements at Viborg Private School

Late 2019, Viborg Private Realskole underwent a significant light improvement, which visually has lifted the interior, improved the indoor climate and now the school saves a lot of money on the electricity bill. In a local collaboration with Grønning El-teknik, eco2LIGHT has delivered a well thought retrofit solution, which today reduced the Watt consumption to half, while maintaining both style and aesthetics with the existing lamps.

Iconic building in green renewal

For every new replacement to energy-saving LED does not necessarily mean that the luminaires etc. are renewed, especially if the customer’s biggest requirement is to preserve existing lamps, as part of the story and landmark. In 2015, Viborg Private Realskole bought Nykredit’s iconic 3.300-square-foot building from 1906 with the idea that this building should be a monument unifying the school’s other buildings.

For a long period – Per Amnitzbøl, Service Manager for 4 years, had asked for a better and more energy efficient lighting, as electricity consumption at that time was between 8 – 10.000 a month, especially with the Nykredit building being a significant energy giant with the 47 architect lamps with 6 units of 36W PL-tubes. Moreover came all the other lighting in classrooms, toilets and the SFO section.

Local collaboration with Grønning El-teknik

What is the most sensible way to combine a green profile and sensible economy without changing the unique interior? Architecturally, this building is very special with eye-catching vaults in the ceiling illuminated by large antique Louis Poulsen designer lamps. The solution was to rebuild the 47 lamps in order to make it possible to do a 1-1 replacement, which meant replacing a total of 282 old PL-tubes with new 18W compact LED tubes. Earlier there was 216W in each lamp – now there is only 108W and a much better light.

Despite the time and energy it took to rebuild the lamps, athorized installer Thomas Grønning thought it was worth the effort:

“We do not establish many retrofit solutions in the daily, so it took a bit of time to rebuild the lamps, but however it produced a super nice result, which everyone seems happy with. In general, it was quality products used in the project, besides the compact tubes in the lamps. The project went well, and I will of course recommend a collaboration with eco2LIGHT.”

A school transformed with energy efficient LED

LED-lighting at Viborg Private School

In addition to the retrofit solution in the Nykredit building, we also delivered 98 units of 60/60 panels for both classrooms and SFO, as well as additional 6 units of assembly panels to be installed in the toilets. The LED-modified lamps delivers exactly as promised. The light is improved to such an extend, that the beautiful vaults in the ceiling are now visible, and electricity consumption has been significantly reduced, which means the school can benefit from the estimated electricity savings of around 38.000 kr. yearly. However, it is still too early to reveal a precise number.

The greener profile gives more funds to run the school and with a 5 year guarantee on our own products, Service manager Per Amnitzbøl can safely and with good conscience turn on the new light – every day.

He hoped that this light optimization would be a revealing experience for both management and school staff, who all had been a bit sceptical in the beginning. During the installation of the panels in the classrooms, the quality difference of the lighting was very well put into perspective. One teacher commented on the clear light and color difference, but what she did not knew was that the yellow light, which she now complained about and could not accept, was in fact the old lighting. Then the Service manager got a solid confirmation that it was the right decision replacing the light to LED.

For eco2LIGHT, it is always important to offer the local electrician the installation if he/she will contribute to the project. Our experience tells us that this local connection provides the best experience for the customer during the installation process, as confidence in the electrician was already established. Per Amnitzbøl has also been very positive about the local collaboration with Grønning El-teknik, otherwise he most likely could have spent many hours and resources on showing and telling:

“It was very reassuring that our house electrician got the job, so I have always felt that we were in safe hands. I would definitely recommend eco2LIGHT for their professional approach to the task, their way of solving challenges, their many good products and the lighting which now illuminates the school. the result seems flawless, so diffently thumbs up! If we need to have more LED lighting installed you have to come again.”

June 19, 2020