Center director excited about overall LED solution

Center director excited about overall LED solution

A professional installation, trustworthy guidance, efficient LED luminaires, an intelligent wireless light control system and annual energy reduction of 70 % from 25.000 kWh to around 6.700 kWh. Buzzwords, which are the most memorable in Center Director Carsten Pedersen’s memory – 5 months after Aarhus Firmasport had their old lighting replaced with energy-saving LED.

Mariendal Electrics was responsible for the previous installations in the hall and they take care of the daily installations, so naturally they also got the job of installing the new LED lighting. Service Manager Christopher Andkjær had already been in contact with Anette Hoffmann in connection with another hall project – knowing that eco2LIGHT has extensive experience in light optimizing sports facilities.

The old tubes were ‘tired’ and the overall atmosphere required significant light improvements. In the 25 years Carsten Pedersen’s has been Center Director at Aarhus Firmasport, it was necessary to switch on all lamps, even if only two people had to use a single lane for badminton. A huge waste of money, energy and environment. Therefore it was important to modernize the overall solution and increase the lighting significantly in the hall.

Smart light control gives numerous options

Service manager Christopher Andkjær is generally familiar with Casambi wireless lighting control, but neither he nor the Center Director was aware of how many options it brings and how easy it is to use. Each luminaire can be individually controlled via. Bluetooth from an iPad or phone and based on 4 buttons, different light scenarios can be created for all types of sports (badminton, soccer, handball, gymnastics and basic lighting for ex. cleaning):

“Personally, I had no experience with Casambi lighting control, but it gave me peace of mind to give the project to you and after many ‘WOW experiences’ I must admit that skepticism was turned into enthusiasm. Today, Carsten can quick and easily regulate the brightness and set the scenarios according to the needs of the individual users, and at the same time this provides far more applications in the hall,” Christopher Andkjær explains.

It took three electricians a couple of days to do a 1-1 replacement (176 old tubes replaced with 35 new INDUS A sport fixtures distributed over 5 rows) and just half a day went with programming the lighting control with eco2LIGHT’s Project Manager Jesper Madsen. Today the INDUS A luminaires deliver 60 % more light on the lanes and the overall solution reduce well over 70 % of the energy consumption (approx. 30.000 kr. annually).

Strong collaboration – professional lighting

Carsten Pedersen followed the process with great interest from beginning to end and he feels very well treated. Mariendal Electrics promised him one of the market’s best sport solutions, which he also believe he got,when looking back. At the regular Christmas party in December, he had the opportunity to illustrate a special lighting setup for this particular event. With only 5 lamps lit and a spotlight behind the curtain, where the food was prepared, this created a good atmosphere in the hall for the pleasure of everyone:

“It’s a super cool solution we have got down here. I would definitely recommend a collaboration with eco2LIGHT and at the same time I would like to boast about our new lighting. Your project manager Jesper is a real tech nerd who definitely knows what he is doing, Anette has provided a fantastic service and guidance, I got all our wishes fulfilled and the installation of the light went fast and dynamic, so a big pat on the shoulder to Mariendal Electrics.”

January 16, 2020