An overall brand new shop experience

An overall brand new shop experience
New LED light in Flisemagasinet

“We haven’t had our new LED lighting for more than a month, but it seems like a world of difference compared to before, and it was a decision we should have made a long time ago. Now, there is more and better light and it clearly uplift the store experience and emphasize the interior so that different colors, design and style etc. are beautifully showcased. I am very satisfied with the final result.”
Owner, Birgitte Christoffersen

When you visit a store like Flisemagasinet, your eyes naturally explores everything, and in this context the lighting plays an important role in relation to the general store experience for the customers, who are looking to find inspiration for the new bathroom. The commercial aspect comes into play, almost in the same way as with the case at Ulsted Autohandel, where the light also played an important promotional factor in the daily, besides ‘just lighting up the store’.

Why energy-efficient LED in shops?

The decision has been long awaited, primarily because of a focus on the actual investment, but Birgitte Christoffersen found the crucial inspiration at her neighbor in number 18, Tvis Kitchens, who already had LED installed in their store for some time. Despite of our recent name change to eco2LIGHT, we still offer the same possibility of ESCO light financing, which means that the investment actually is repaid with the energy savings that a replacement to LED light brings. Therefore, Flisemagasinet had no risk regarding economy and only benefits to look forward to:

Better and more light in the store, a more green corporate image and light sources, that save on both electricity bill and money.

A short summary of the actual case

Flisemagasinet with new LED lightingWith an overall focus on close customer relations and the right customized lighting solution, we delivered 46 LED tracklights in 25W and Cri 90 to create a more natural color rendering, compared to the former lamps on respectively 70W and 88W. We increased the number of light sources which includes 12 meters of extra rail fittings, as Flisemagasinet wanted more light, especially in the windows and the middle of the store. In spite of several more light sources, the store can look forward to 60% more savings in the future, just on their spotlights. This is calculated from a burning pattern of just over 7 hours a day – 300 days a year. Compared to the former solution, there is now an annual electricity saving of over 3.000 kWh.

The installation was made by NT EL Service Aps, and they received two great thumbs up from Birgitte, who has reported back that the installation progressed easy and flexible in relation to the store’s opening hours and daily routines. After she got the message that the light was installed and finished, she visited the shop that same evening, and already by the first sight she quickly noticed the nice new, more natural look in the store.

Should we also optimize the atmosphere in your store?

As a professional LED manufacturer and supplier with the right technical know how, we love to go in details with tailor-made commercial solutions for all types of industries. You do not have to think about the investment – lets us facilitate that. All you have to do is look forward and enjoy the many benefits.

Our efficient energy consultant Mads Knøsgaard is responsible for this project, so if you have any questions about a similar project, he can always be contacted directly on phone at 41 33 88 90.